Complaints Procedure


The Act respecting the National student ombudsman was assented to in June 2022 and will become fully effective on August 28, 2023. This Act revises the complaint process applicable to all school boards. Before August 28, 2023, the LBPSB By-law 9-A: Complaint Examination Procedure is still in force. However, on August 28, 2023, the LBPSB will follow the complaint process defined in this consultation document.


Step-by-Step Guide

There may be times when you, or your child feel adversely affected by a decision made at the school, centre, or school board. To help you on your journey to understanding the complaints procedure, please see below. The following procedure was taken from the Complaint Examination Procedure. Please refer to the procedure for additional information.Download the complete complaints procedure Opens the PDF in a new browser.


Addendum C – Complaint Examination Procedure

 Level 1The student (or parent of the student) makes an attempt, in good faith, to resolve the issue with the person who made the decision.
 Level 2

In schools/centers:
If the Complainant is still not satisfied, they may direct their complaint to the next level (note that the Complaint form [EN] is mandatory):

  • Level 1 – Principal, then
  • Level 2 – Regional Director of Schools or Regional Director of Continuing Education, then
  • Level 3 – Director General or Delegate


  • Level 1 – Director of applicable Department, then
  • Level 2 – Director General or Delegate

At any level, the Complainant can refer to the Secretary General who will provide guidance in the process.

 Level 3

If still dissatisfied once a final decision has been rendered at the last applicable level listed at Level 2, the Complainant can ask the Secretary General to further their complaint by sending him/her their complaint form.

If subject to reconsideration:

  1.   Council of Commissioners, then the complaint may be addressed to:
  2. Student Ombudsman (Levels 4 and 5 – found below)

If not subject to reconsideration:

    1. Student Ombudsman (Level 5 – found below)


 Level 4If subject to reconsideration, the Council of Commissioners’ decision may uphold, reverse, or modify the original decision.
 Level 5

If the Complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Council of Commissioners, or if the complaint was not subject to reconsideration, the Complainant may address their complaint to the Student Ombudsman:

By email:

By phone: 514-422-3000 x.30370

Student Ombudsman

By-law 9 – Complaint Examination

Procedure: The Student Ombudsman is an independent and neutral individual who must be designated by the Council of Commissioners and is mandated to:

  • inform student(s) or their parent(s);
  • direct their inquiries to the appropriate person;
  • receive a complaint, investigate and give an opinion on the merits of a complaint to the Council of Commissioners in order to recommend, if required, any appropriate corrective measures.

The Student Ombudsman can only intervene once the complainant has exhausted all remedies provided for in the Complaint Examination Procedure opens PDF in a new browser.

The Student Ombudsman may only make recommendations to the Council of Commissioners; the Student Ombudsman cannot reverse or modify any decision, nor revise any by-law, policy or procedure of the School Board.

Student Ombudsperson:

Laurence Sarrazin
Substitute Student Ombudspersons: Caroline Lemay and Isabelle Turgeon
Tel: 514-422-3000 Ext: 30370

By-law 9-A: Complaint Examination Procedure: Opens a PDF in a new browser
The present By-law is established in accordance with Section 220.2 of the Education Act (R.S.Q.,c. 13.3). The present By-law outlines the procedure to be followed for the examination of complaints from students of the Lester B. Pearson School Board or their parents. (Date of coming into force – September 21, 2020)