Horizon High School

Welcome to Horizon High School

“Horizon High School is caring, it’s adaptive, and it’s personal.”

Horizon high school
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About Horizon High School

Horizon is a secondary school that offers an alternative pathway to success.
We offer several programs and individualized support to help students reach their goals. Students at Horizon benefit from small class sizes as well as many support staff to help guide them.

Learn about our programs

  • Junior Program: The students follow the junior program in grades 8 and 9. Class sizes are small to optimize support and learning. Students in the Junior program follow a core curriculum.

  • Pre Voc Program: Our pre-vocational program is designed to support students looking to follow a vocational pathway. The students follow a curriculum focused on the core subjects of English, French and Math, which allow them entry into the vocational sector. We offer both grade 9 and grade 10 pre-vocational classes.

  • Senior Program: Students in the senior program follow a regular program geared towards a secondary school graduation diploma.

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90 Jubilee Square Ave.
Pointe Claire H9R 1M3