The vaccination campaign (2nd dose) within elementary schools is starting on January 24.

The process, protocol and roll-out of the vaccination plans are defined by three different health authorities. Please see below for a summary of what to expect.

CIUSSS Sud-Ouest (Verdun)

CIUSSS Sud-Ouest (Verdun)
Date School

January 24



Notes for CIUSSS-Sud-Ouest:

  • Students will be able to receive their 1st or 2nd dose of vaccine.
  • The CIUSSS will be registering the students when they arrive at the vaccination site.
  • Parents wishing to accompany their children may do so after school hours (14:30 to 18:00).
  • Hard copy consent forms will be distributed by the schools.
CIUSSS Ouest de l’île (West Island)
Date School

January 26

Dorval (am)

St. Edmund (am)

Wilder Penfield (pm)

January 27 Dorset (am)

January 31 Christmas Park (am)

Maple Grove (am)

February 1

Beacon Hill (am)

February 2 Sherbooke Junior (am)

Sherbrooke Senior (pm)

February 3

Margaret Manson (am)

February 7

Beechwood (am)

February 8 Allion (am)

Children's World Academy (pm)

Terry Fox (am)

February 9 LaSalle Jr and Sr (am)

St. Anthony (am)

Sunshine (am)

February 10 Angrignon (am)

Kingsdale (am)

St. Charles (am)

Westpark (am)

Springdale (pm)

February 15 St. John Fisher Jr and Sr (am)

February 16 Clearpoint (am)

Notes for CIUSSS-Ouest de l’île:

  • Parents are required to make an appointment using the Clic Santé platform. They have the option to accompany their child or not. Please read the attachment below for details on how to make your appointment based on your preferences. 
  • Parents also have the option of bringing their child to a vaccination site outside of school.
  • Please refer the following attachments for additional information:

IMPORTANT: A letter to parents announcing that the vaccination campaign and outlining the services Download the letter for the parents Opens PDF in a new browser

Comic book, colouring pages, and certificate: The Adventures of Vaxy Download the comic book Opens PDF in a new browser

The instructions for booking an appointment using Clic Santé Download the instruction Opens PDF in a new browser

CISSSMO (Off Island)
Date School
February 3 Forest Hill Jr

February 4


February 8

February 9 Soulanges

February 9 Mount Pleasant

February 10

Forest Hill Sr

February 15


February 16 St. Patrick

February 17 PETES

Notes for CISSSMO:

  • The only students that are eligible to get their 2nd dose at school are the students that received their 1st dose at school. Mobile team will not vaccinate students who received their 1st dose in one of the vaccination clinics for the general public. These students will have to get their second dose in a public vaccination clinic according to the appointment they have already received with their first dose. 
  • Clic Sante registration is NOT required for the 2nd dose at school, however, a signed consent form from parents is required. Schools will be distributing a hard copy or parents may choose to print one here. Download the consent form Opens PDF in a new browser