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“At Westwood Junior, we aim to provide an environment for the students that is warm and loving and an environment where students are accepted. And we see the results of that in the way that the students treat each other. They are compassionate and caring toward each other and it really goes a long way to help them develop a broader sense of themselves as they move on in their citizenship.”

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About Westwood High School

The mission of Westwood High School is to educate the future citizens and leaders by giving students the opportunity to participate in activities that make their community and the world a better place. We do this through our commitment to academic excellence, to the power of athletics and the arts, and to the promotion of community service.

Learn about our programs

  • MatriX Program: The MatriX Program is an academically challenging, fun and technologically enhanced way of learning in the classroom. The program places an emphasis on students receiving high level of academics and is enriched through projects, assignments and an innovative use of technology.

  • French Immersion: Students take ‘Science Humaines’ in French and are placed in either Français du base or Français Enrichi for their French language course.

  • Regular Program: Courses are taught in English with the exception of the French language course which is taught at the Français du base level.

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Junior Campus
2800 Rue du Bordelais
Saint-Lazare J7T 3E3

Senior Campus
69 Côte Saint-Charles
Hudson Heights J0P 1H0