Update – Thursday, June 4th

Week at a Glance

Update for the week of June 1st, 2020

Current Status:

First and foremost, we wish to reassure everyone that all protocols that were previously in place for a proposed return to classes in May remain in effect. Social distancing, frequent hand washing, structured and highly managed student movement (for both youth and adult sectors), modified timetables, and restructured building access will all be enforced in any school or centre opening its doors to students. Schools and centres have maintained their inventories of soap and hand sanitizer, and dispensers remain installed at all entrances/exits to buildings. All schools/centres have an inventory of personal protective equipment as well as a supply of masks and gloves on hand. Our caretakers have been well versed in hygiene and sanitation protocols required by Public Health.

Elementary and Secondary Schools:

  • Distance/Online learning continues to evolve so that students remain engaged in their learning. Whatever the platforms used, we continue to build upon our initial deployment and provide our staff with the tools needed to complete the school year. We thank our students and families for their commitment to continue to learn remotely.
  • Secondary students in our work-oriented training and CFER programs are being invited back for modified school days, beginning next week.
  • Upon invitation, a small number of elementary and secondary students may take part in a Learning Camp, beginning next week.
  • Many schools are planning celebrations to recognize our students, especially those graduating at grade 6 and grade 11. More details to come from your school.
  • Virtual Summer School will be available for Secondary IV and V students who require credits or prerequisites. Visit /summer-school for more information.
  • Some of our schools (e.g., John Rennie HS and Allion) will be used as COVID-19 testing centres. We will continue to support Public Health in their efforts to deal with this health crisis.
  • We will soon begin various construction projects and summer cleaning efforts in our schools, in preparation for the next school year.

Adult & Vocational Centres:

  • Distance learning continues, with a limited return to class for students to write exams and participate in hands-on activities required by their program.
  • Additionally, for adults in special needs programs, some on-site activities will be offered to students to allow for some socialization opportunities.  
  • Courses for the new AEP program to train attendants to work in the CHSLD network will begin mid-June. The ministry has created this program to respond to the need for 10,000 new préposés to be trained. We are proud that Lester B. Pearson will be offering this training at two of our vocational centres.

Looking ahead

We are focused on and diligently planning for the start-up of the 2020-2021 school year. We are anticipating directives from the MEES as what the restart plan will look like as we move forward.  We would like to thank our parents, staff, and students (youth & adult) for their continued efforts to support student learning. As always, we appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and patience as we continue to navigate this situation.

The Administration of the Lester B. Pearson School Board