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Student Teachers And The Declaration Concerning Judicial Records Recent changes to the Education Act have imposed obligations on school boards and private schools with respect to the legislative provisions concerning judicial records. In particular, before hiring a person who would be required to work with minor students or be regularly in contact with them, a school board or private school must ensure that the person has no judicial record relevant to the functions that could be assigned to him or her. Do student teachers also have to complete and forward a declaration concerning a judicial record? This decision is left to the discretion of the individual school board or private school. The Safe School Policy of the Lester B. Pearson School Board states that everyone in the school board community is entitled to a safe, secure and respectful environment. As a safety measure to help ensure that these rights are upheld, the school board now requires student teachers to complete and forward a declaration concerning a judicial record. As a student teacher embarking on a training session at one of our schools/centers it is very important that you complete the attached form entitled, “DECLARATION CONCERNING A JUDICIAL RECORDOpens PDF in a new browser” prior to commencing your training session. Instructions:
  • Download the attached form concerning judicial records Opens PDF in a new browser
  • Complete sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the form.
  • Read carefully the information in section 4 of the form
  • Sign and date the form in blue pen.
  • Make an appointment with the secretary of the host school to bring in the original signed form as well as one government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, Medicare card, passport) to be validated and attached to the declaration. This must be done IN PERSON at least 10 days prior to beginning your stage.

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