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“The staff here at John Rennie is absolutely amazing. They help each other out and go above and beyond.”

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About John Rennie High School

John Rennie offers one of the most diverse curriculum available at the secondary level. We have eight classroom sets of chromebooks and a robotics lab where students learn to program robots for competition. We offer a range of options including: Pottery, Drama, Actors’ Studio, Journalism, Spanish, Debating, Photography, World History, Music (concert and jazz band), Law, Psychology, Computer Applications, Architectural Technology, Advanced Physical Education, enriched Science electives, and Leadership. Our timetable is constructed to provide the students opportunities to enjoy a variety of options, while still pursuing a specific interest such as music.


Learn about our programs

Academic Plus

The A+ Program is focused on expanding the curriculum through experimental learning and enhanced classroom experiences. Classes are designed to prepare students for advanced courses in cycle 2.

  • Enriched Program in all subject areas
  • Chromebooks used as a creation tool
  • Spanish 3rd language program
  • 50% education in French
  • Community service
  • Entrance exam

This program is suitable for a student who:

  • displays excellence in academic studies
  • works independently and diligently
  • loves a challenge
  • has a genuine interest in all subjects

French level (i.e., langue maternelle or immersion) is determined by the school.


  • Accelerated academic Program (French Immersion)
  • 4 academic periods x 50 min/day + afternoon sport training
  • Entrance exam
  • Classes are 8:10 am- 12 pm
  • Ped Support (formal study time) available to remediate temporary academic difficulties and/or absences
  • Tracking of student progress
  • Liaison between teachers and coaches to ensure academic and athletic demands are met
  • Academic counselling provided as needed.

French Immersion (no entrance exam)

A balanced approach to academics, school life and home.

  • Histoire, Géographie et Science en français.
  • Creative and hands-on
  • Integrated technology
  • 50% education in French

This program is suitable for a student who:

  • has advanced French skills (oral and written)
  • works well independently
  • has an enriched vocabulary.

English Program (no entrance exam)

A program that develops basic skills, providing a solid foundation for future learning. All courses are taught in English with the exception of French class.

  • Differentiated learning

This program is suitable for a student who:

  • has basic French skills
  • can benefit from review of basic vocabulary, grammar concepts and writing skills.

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