Sabi Hinkson
External Member

Sabi Kamilah Hinkson was born, and raised, in Montreal, Canada, to her Trinidadian parents, who migrated to Canada over 45 years ago. Ms. Hinkson is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Kiara (20 years old) and Taneia (10 years old). Ms. Hinkson graduated from a LBPSB high school (Riverside Park Academy), her eldest daughter also graduated from a LBPSB high school (Beurling Academy), and her youngest daughter currently attends Allion Elementary School, which is also a LBPSB school.

Ms. Hinkson holds a Bachelor of Science from Concordia University (double-majored in Biochemistry and Theology with a minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science) and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Teaching and Learning Science & Technology at McGill University. Ms. Hinkson was a scientific laboratory technician for the Lester B. Pearson School Board for 4 years, and then moved on to teaching math and science. Ms. Hinkson currently works at Loyola High School where she is the family outreach coordinator and a science teacher.

Ms. Hinkson has always had a passion for helping others and community involvement: she is the founder and president of The Strong Hinkson Organization (The SHO), which is a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to help provide support and resources to single parents who are pursuing full-time post-secondary studies (in Quebec, Canada). Similarly, The SHO is dedicated to helping single parents obtain the needed resources for their children’s academic studies. Although she has her own non-profit organization, her community involvement does not end there: Ms. Hinkson remains active within her community and tries her best to help out whenever and wherever she can.