Matthew Pike
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My name is Matthew John Pike I am 26 years old. I am an empathetic and passionate individual and a recent honours graduate of the University of Ottawa where I majored in Criminology and minored in Anthropology. During my studies and life experiences I became very passionate with criminal justice reform and the promotion of education of racial and cultural awareness. I grew up in the West-Island in east Pierrefonds. My environment growing up was always filled with diversity and varying ethnicities. The elementary school I attended in Pierrefonds was extremely diverse and I interacted with populations of the lower socioeconomic class. I always felt welcome in these environments as I grew up in it and felt like I could relate to or at least appreciate some of the struggles these populations deal with. Although I recognize that I come from and still am in a position of privilege, I believe my environment and studies allowed me to have a deep understanding of the crucial issues surrounding disadvantaged populations.