Kemba Mitchell
External Member

Kemba Mitchell is a proud 3rd generation African-Canadian, a mother, and a relentless activist for the empowerment and advancement of the Montreal Black Community. From a very early age, Mitchell’s exposure to Montreal’s diverse communities left an impression. This experience has influenced her appreciation for all personhoods and their narratives.

Inspired by her late mother, Ina Cassell, a Pan Africanist and artist, Mitchell is following her mother’s footstep through her volunteer work. This inspiration was fortified during her time at Concordia and she took an interest in community development particularly youth empowerment. Now, Mitchell proudly serves as the Chairperson of the West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA), a long-standing pillar of the community. Affectionately, known as WIBCA, it has happily served and supported the West End Black community.

Mitchell’s involvement with the association began at the age of 16, when she first participated in one of their fundraising fashion shows.

In 2007, Mitchell served the association as the Coordinator of the Saturday Morning Tutorials, holding the position for close to two years. After a short time, Mitchell returned to WIBCA in 2015, taking on the role of Coordinator of the Youth Program. She remained in this position until 2017 when she was nominated to the role of WIBCA’s 15th Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Mitchell is committed to setting a new tone and direction at WIBCA. She is propelling the organization to be the proponent of community activism. She has been instrumental in building upon the organization’s visibility in the community and nurturing closer relationships with their partners. Mitchell’s current platform emphasizes the necessity to cultivate new partnerships to assist the Black Community. This involves strategic dialogues, and community-corporate partnerships. She hopes that these innovating approaches will bring about awareness and spaces for youth.

Mitchell holds a Bachelor ’s degree in Human Relations from Concordia University and has over 17 years of experience in customer support, project management, and international logistics management. Mitchell is the Senior Aftermarket-Support-Specialist at TRU Simulation + Training Canada Inc.; a company which offers aeronautical-simulation training and services, globally.