Commissioner's Profile

Sharad Bhargava

Parent Commissioner

Sharad Bhargava


Commissioner Representing the Parents’ Committee – Secondary Schools ● St. Thomas High School Governing Board member

Committee Membership

Green – Chair ●  Intercultural – Chair ● International – Member ● Long Term Planning – Member

514-422-3000 ext 30164


As the Parent Commissioner for High Schools, my role is to represent the interests of the LBPSB Parent Committee.

I am interested in the following issues:

  • Increasing intercultural and human rights education initiatives at LBPSB
  • Moving the LBPSB community to achieve reconciliation with indigenous peoples
  • Introducing Software Coding in the curriculum
  • Better Financial Literacy Education
  • Reforming the Secondary 3 and 4 History Curriculum
  • Widening access to English schools: By lobbying the government to permit any child aged twelve and older who comes to Quebec, who has begun his/her education in English to continue his/her education in English
  • Looking at ways to increase Student Success (LBPSB Parents – ad hoc sub-committee)