Commissioner's Profile

Marilyne Boyer

Electoral Division 8

Marilyne Boyer


Beacon Hill Elementary ● Clearpoint Elementary ● Sherbrooke Academy Junior ● Sherbrooke Academy Senior

Committee Membership

Audit – Chair ● Programs and Services – Vice Chair ● Director General Evaluation – Member ● Executive – Member ● Facilities and Security – Member ● Long-term Planning – Member

External Committee Membership

CGTSIM (Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l’île de Montréal) – Alternate



I have been involved in the LBPSB community since 2012, first a St-Thomas Governing Board member (1 year), then as the St-Thomas Governing Board Chair (6 years) and finally as a community representative on the St-Thomas Governing Board (1) year following graduation of my second child. In addition, I was part of the St-Thomas Home and School Association for 7 years, 6 of which as part of the executive. The above, as well as having been part of 2 Major School Change processes, have given me a good understanding of the philosophy, values and goals of the LBPSB. As the new Commissioner for Ward 8 of the LBPSB, I intend serve the members of my community to the best of my knowledge and ability, to ensure that the LBPSB students receive the best education, in an environment that is safe and that promotes wellness and growth, and to keep learning about all facets of my Ward and of the LBPSB so that I can make the best decision possible.