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“There is nothing like a school filled with laughter, discussions, talking, debates, just seeing the students engage with one another and with their teachers is so rewarding. This is the way it should be!… BHS is a jewel of a school.”

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With its excellent academic programs, commitment to meeting the diverse needs of all its students, safe and caring environment, and strong connection to the community, Beaconsfield High School fits the profile of a school devoted to student success. High academic achievement and personal development are nurtured in all students, both in the classroom and through a broad spectrum of cultural, social and sporting activities. More than 90% of our graduates attend post-secondary schools, and many have gone on to be leaders in their professions.

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  • Enriched: To qualify for admission to the Enriched Program at BHS in Secondary One, students must write the Lester B. Pearson School Board Enrichment Exam and receive high enough marks to allow them a place in the program. Students must maintain a minimum of 75% in their academic subjects as well as teachers’ recommendations in order to continue in the program.

  • Defi français: Français langue d’enseignement is offered to students who are adept in French language. It is a continuation of the 85% French immersion program in the elementary school. Students must be highly proficient in written and oral French.

  • Français langue seconde de base: All courses are taught in English with the exception of the French Language course.

Each program is offered in Advanced and Regular. For more information, please consult the document below.

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