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1925 Brookdale Ave.
Dorval, Quebec
Canada H9P 2Y7

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Lester B. Pearson School Board Web Cast Services

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If the webcast doesn't start automatically and you are viewing at the right time,or in order to return to a live webcast in progress, use the "F5" key or click on the "Refresh" button of your chosen browser

Live Broadcast of the Council of Commissioners meeting usually take place at 7:30pm

The school board is interested in receiving your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our webcasting services and what our communities are looking forward to seeing. If you are interested in providing us with your views, please email us at webcasting@lbpsb.qc.ca

Video stream will be served via Adobe Flash Player which is cross platform and cross web browser enabled. Please ensure that you have the Adobe Flash player installed on your computer.

Bandwidth requirements:
The board makes every effort to optimize streaming for their communities. Anyone with a Broadband connection, such as Cable or DSL High Speed Internet Services should experience uninterupted streaming quality with limited "buffering".

All suggestions, recomendations and links provided here are to offer basic assistance to our end users. We can not cover all situations or circumstances that relate to your perosnal computer's configuration or network connection.

Be advised that the information shared in the "Live Blog" during our webcasts is provided as a complimentary service to our viewers of the meeting in progress. With respect to Council of Commissioner meetings, it is not the official record of any council meeting that is broadcast. Official documentation is subject to ratification by approval of the minutes of the meeting in question at the next meeting of the Council of Commissioners.