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1925 Brookdale Ave.
Dorval, Quebec
Canada H9P 2Y7

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About us

The Lester B Pearson School Board is a school system that welcomes international students as people who enrich the educational setting for Canadian youth, adult and professional sectors and who can benefit from a warm and welcoming Canadian learning setting.

It is located in the City of Montreal, a dynamic, cosmopolitan city of two million people, well-known for the warmth and hospitality of its residents. Most Montrealers are now bilingual in English and French and benefit from the multi-cultural aspects of the city. Montreal is a world-class educational centre as well a Canadian and Quebec cultural, literary and historical hub.

Application Form for all Programs

Where are we?

Situated 10 minutes from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, we are easily accessible with connecting flights from Vancouver and Europe.

International Projects, Services and Activity:

We have been involved with international students for a number of years, receiving young people from many countries into our schools and community. Secondary students may be housed in a dormitory residences or with a host family in the community.Our schools follow the curriculum as established by the Ministry of Education of Quebec. Many of our schools also offer the International Baccalaureate program of study. We provide a number of models of supportive and accelerated English-language learning for international students.We also offer an extensive array of Vocational Educational programs.

Academic fields of study:

Media Studies
Sport Etudes
Integrated Science
French Immersion
Political Science
International Education
Public Speaking

Facts and Figures:

We serve approximately 30,000 students in the elementary, secondary levels, adult and vocational education. We have sixty schools and centres. Our school board is named in honour of Canada’s Prime Minister, Lester Bowles Pearson from 1963-1968. Lester B. Pearson was also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957.


Please note that all tuition fees/transfers need to be paid ONLY to "Lester B. Pearson School Board". The name “LBP Vocational College” refers to a privately owned enterprise with no affiliation to the Lester B Pearson School Board so tuitions paid to this entity ARE NOT payments made to the school board.


Programs Offered through our International Studies 


International Program - Brochure

Application Form for all Programs


International Youth Programs

English Language & Cultural Programs

English Language -- Secondary Program
English Language -- Secondary Program (One Semester)
English Language -- Cultural Exchange Program

Our schools are dedicated to striving for educational excellence and to preparing students for full and active participation in Canadian, Quebec and global society. We offer excellent services in all of secondary schools.

English Language -- Summer Program
The LBPSB Summer Language School is open to students from all countries. Students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities and enjoy excursions to major cultural and historic places.


 International Career Programs

 For all informational regarding career programs please visit our programs website.




Other International Programs

Teacher Training Program
Our teacher training and professional development program offers intensive courses to prepare teachers with the practical and theoretical aspects of presenting the Quebec Education Program (QEP) in the classroom.

Student Leadership Program
During our ten-day Leadership Program, students will have the opportunity to attend classes at a LBPSB secondary school, take part in a friendship program, spend three full days in a camp setting in the beautiful Laurentain mountain area, north of Montreal, and more....

  Constructing our Global Vision!
Lester B. Pearson School Board International Language Centre
International Language Centre (ILC)
150 Seigniory
Pointe Claire, Quebec
H9R 4R5

Opened in September 2007, the International Language Centre features two major service components, a residential program for international students and a centre for language training and professional development. For more information or to register for language courses, please see our brochure or contact the International Studies Department at 514-798-8787 or 514-422-3000 #2398

Application form and International Language Centre brochure

How to Apply

Download and complete the application form
Application Form for all Programs
Telephone inquiries: 001 514 798-8787

Include the following:
· A copy of the Student’s Birth certificate
· Letter of request from the parents
· Transcript of academic records from the past two years (copies must have a school stamp)

Submit application to the Lester B. Pearson School Board:
International Studies Program
1925 Brookdale Ave.
Dorval, Quebec
Canada H9P 2Y7
(faxes are acceptable but originals must be mailed)
Fax #: 001 514 695-4507

Once application is accepted, you will be notified to pay full tuition. The letter of acceptance and registration package will be issued when tuition is received.

How to Apply for our Summer Programs

STEP 1 - Summer Program
Download and complete the application form

STEP 2 - Summer Program
Submit application to the Lester B. Pearson School Board:
International Studies Program
1925 Brookdale Ave.
Dorval, Quebec
Canada H9P 2Y7
(faxes are acceptable but originals must be mailed)
Fax #: 001 514

STEP 3 - Summer Program
Once your application is received, we will contact you with instructions regarding visa (if applicable). The schedule, information and acceptance letter will be sent to you directly.

Homestay Families

Homestay Application Form

Homestay families are chosen based upon their desire to host a visiting student and their ability to provide a safe, comfortable home environment and a positive cultural experience for their new family member.

Students are matched with Homestay families based on common interests and activities. Because a student’s well-being is the foremost priority of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Homestay families are carefully screened. Police screening is mandatory for all host familiy candidates and all members (of legal age) of the family.

Each family is interviewed in the home and is chosen for its ability and desire to welcome a young person. A Homestay family provides care and guidance as well as room and board for the student.

The families are diverse. They may have children of any age, not necessarily teenagers, or they may not have children at all. There may be other relatives living in the home. They will have one feature in common - a desire to welcome an international student into their home and to treat him/her as a member of the family.

Homestay families welcome their new "son" or "daughter" in all day-to-day activities. They offer guidance, helping international students to adjust throughout their stay and helping them to understand life in Canada. Above all, they will want to welcome them as a member of their family. They agree to take a young person from another country into their home and teach him or her about their own culture and language.

Information Concerning a Visa

The International Studies Office provides assistance with the visa process. Please feel free to contact us.

Depending on your country of origin and the type and length of study, you may require:

• A temporary resident visa
• A study permit
• A (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) CAQ

Please note the following:
• Any study program of up to six months: no study permit is required
• Programs longer than six months require a study permit
• A CAQ is required for all programs

NOTE: A temporary resident visa may be required depending on your country of origin. Please see the list of countries that require a temporary resident visa as provided by Citzenship and Immigration Canada.

More information on the process of applying for a study permit is available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's web site.

Dormitory Residence

International students may choose to live in residence while attending classes in schools of the Lester B. Pearson School Board. Dormitory residences are located inside the Lester B. Pearson School Board International Language Centre. Students are provided with private rooms and are supervised by resident program supervisors. Supervisors are responsible for meal preparation, laundry assistance, activity organization and student supervision.

Each bedroom is equipped with one single bed, dresser, night stand (small dresser), one desk chair, desk lamp, wireless access to internet and waste paper basket .The living area or common space has two couches, table with chairs, TV and a private locker for each student. There is 24 hour security which provides for a safe secure environment for the students.

Dormitory living contributes to our learning community. Living in the dormitory allows the student to enjoy common activities. Students will be challenged to learn more about themselves and the world around them. These experiences enables students to become educated, open-minded, mature people who are connected to and care about the world in which they live. Today, our community reaches around the globe.

**Please note that space is limited and places are on a first come, first serve basis.


Click on the picture to view pictures of a dormitory room

Mailing address for all applications:

International Studies Program
Lester B. Pearson School Board
1925 Brookdale Avenue
Dorval, Quebec
Canada H9P 2Y7

Fax #: 001 514 422-3009

Email Inquires: isp@lbpsb.qc.ca

Telephone Inquiries: 001 514 798-8787 ext. 1

Application Form for all Programs


Lester B. Pearsonís International Pre- Kindergarten A step beyond bilingualism


The LBPSB International Pre-Kindergarten is located at the
International Language Centre - The Marcus Tabachnick Pavillion

244 de la Presentation, Dorval, Qc  H9S 3L6

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