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ADVANCED POLLS – Sunday, October 26th

The Advanced Polls will be open this Sunday, October 26th, from 12:00pm to 8:00pm to provide the voters for the Lester B. Pearson School Board Elections the opportunity to register their vote early in case they have a conflict/inability to register their vote on Voting Day.

Voting Day is the following Sunday, November 2nd and the polls will be open from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

For a complete list of polling stations for each Electoral Boundary/Ward, which remains the same for the Advanced Poll and Voting Day, click on this link to take you directly to the web page.

Please share this important information with anyone you know that has an interest in the upcoming LBPSB elections.

The following deadlines are provided to ensure that an individual has the ability to vote in the November 2, 2014 Lester B. Pearson School Board school board elections:

The "Request to Transfer to the Electoral List of the LBPSB" form:

Monday, October 6th through Friday, October 10th (Hours: 10:00am - 1:00pm & 2:30pm - 5:30pm)
Saturday, October 11th (Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm)
Tuesday, October 14th (
Hours: 10:00am - 1:00pm & 2:30pm - 5:30pm & 7:00pm - 10:00pm)

Elections Office
5000 Rene-Huguet Street
Lachine H8T 1M7

Revisions to the Electoral List of the LBPSB

Requests for revisions (Corrections/Modifications) can be done by each elector personally, or by a member of the family with a written authorization and ID papers at the following locations:

From Monday,October 6th through Friday, October 10th
(Hours: 10:00:am to 1:00pm & 2:30pm to 5:30pm)
Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School  - 13800 Pierrefonds Boul. Pierrefonds H9A 1A7
Macdonald High School - 17 Maple Ste Anne de Bellevue H9X 2E5
LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School - 240 - 9th Avenue LaSalle H8P 2N9
Riverview Elementary - 971, avenue Riverview Verdun H4H 2C3
Forest Hill Junior Elementary School - 1950, rue Chanterel Saint-Lazare J7T 3C2

Elections Office - 5000 Rene-Huguet Street Lachine H8T 1M7
Special Note: The Elections office will also be open for revisions
Saturday, October 11th (Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm)
Tuesday, October 14th (Hours: 10:00am - 1:00pm & 2:30pm - 5:30pm & 7:00pm - 10:00pm)

Electoral list
How do I know if I’m on the list to vote in the English School Board Elections?

Electors on the revised electoral list of this school board who live in these Divisions will receive a reminder notice by mail indicating the location of the polling stations, as well as information about each candidate.

The electoral list will not be available before the end of September.

However you can verify if your name appears on it by calling the DGE (Directeur général des élections) at the following number:  1-888-353-2846.


Electoral Calendar (English)

Calendrier électoral (Français)

Resolution Establishing Electoral Division Boundries

Résolution - Limites des circonscriptions électorales

Maps of Indivdual Electoral Wards

Circonscription/Ward 1

Circonscription/ Ward 2

Circonscription/ Ward 3

Circonscription/ Ward 4

Circonscription/ Ward 5

Circonscription/ Ward 6

Circonscription/ Ward 7

Circonscription/ Ward 8

Circonscription/Ward 9

Circonscription/Ward 10

Circonscription/ Ward 11

Circonscription/ Ward 12

What do commissioners do?

Excerpt from the Education Act

176.1. The members of the council of commissioners shall exercise their functions and powers with a view to improving the educational services provided for by this Act and by the basic school regulations made by the Government. To that end, the role of the members of the council of commissioners includes

 (1) informing the council of the needs and expectations of the population of their electoral division or their sector, as part of their contribution to defining the school board's directions and priorities;

 (2) seeing to the relevance and quality of the educational services offered by the school board;

 (3) making sure that the school board's human, material and financial resources are managed effectively and efficiently;

 (4) carrying out any mandate entrusted to them by the council of commissioners, on a proposal by the chair, for the purpose of providing information to the other council members on any specific matter.

2008, c. 29, s. 19.

177. No member of the council of commissioners may be prosecuted for an act performed in good faith in the discharge of his functions.

1988, c. 84, s. 177; 1990, c. 78, s. 54.

177.1. The members of the council of commissioners must act within the scope of the functions and powers conferred on them, and exercise the care, prudence and diligence that a reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances; they must also act with honesty and loyalty and in the interest of the school board and the population served by the school board.

1997, c. 96, s. 27.

177.2. The school board shall assume the defence of any member of the council of commissioners who is prosecuted by a third person for an act done in the exercise of council functions.

In the case of penal or criminal proceedings, the school board may require a member who has been prosecuted to repay the defence expenses, except if the member had reasonable grounds to believe that the act was in conformity with the law, if the proceedings were withdrawn or dismissed or if the member was discharged or acquitted.

Electoral list
How do I know if I’m on the list?
Electors on the revised electoral list of this school board who live in these Divisions will receive a reminder notice by mail indicating the location of the polling stations, as well as information about each candidate.

The electoral list will not be available before the end of September.
However you can verify if your name appears on it by calling the DGE (Directeur général des élections) at the following number:  1-888-353-2846.

Why should I bother?
Exercising your right to vote will help ensure that the best people are in place to oversee the quality of education our children receive. It will also send a message to the Québec government that the English-speaking community is a strong and vibrant one that wants to maintain control of its schools. A vote for education is a vote for the future!

Where can I get more information?
For updated information on the elections, including information on the candidates, please keep visiting the school board’s website, contact the Elections Office at 514-780-8683 or visit the Quebec Elections website www.electionsquebec.qc.ca/english/


514-780-VOTE (-8683)


Candidates for the upcoming November 2, 2014 School Board Elections

Below you will find information about all of the candidates running in the November 2, 2014 School Board Elections in Electoral Divisions 1 through 12. All pictures, co-ordinates and text posted on this web page were supplied by the candidates.

Candidates for the Chairman of the Lester B. Pearson School Board


Chris Eustace
Phone – 514-620-0726 / 514-586-0726
Fax – 514-620-0728
Email – cgeustace@gmail.com
Web – www.aceteacher.ca

Time for a Revolution @  Lester B. Pearson School Board

RETIRED TEACHER: 37 yrs in LBPSB schools. Attended 16 yrs of Council meetings. Familiar with Pearson operations, issues, and its seriously flawed ETHICS POLICY.

PAST INVOLVEMENT: help expose misuse of $900K for a Pre-K program, initiated webcasting, student ombudsman, fought for defibrillators and an improved (2008) Code of Ethics.

I PROPOSE: close scrutiny of spending, free speech at board public question periods, elimination of QESBA saving $200,000/yr, remove 4-year gag order on ex-commissioners, improve current student programs for regular and special needs, and apply more emphasis on ethical operations.

PARENTS MUST BE THE AUTHORITY: Governing Board authority must be recognized. Classrooms are more important than board rooms. School boards must operate as service providers. Schools must be the policy makers.

THE WELFARE of all students must be a primary concern when making decisions.
OUR SCHOOLS need more than Reading, Writing and ’Rithmetic. They need a 4th R - REVOLUTION, where among other things, school board secrecy is a thing of the past, and taxpayers will get more BANG for their buck.

THE STATUS QUO is not an option.

J’AI ENSEIGNÉ  pendant 37 ans dans les écoles de la CSLBP. Depuis 16 ans, j’assiste aux rencontres du conseil.
J’AI CONTRIBUÉ à un code d’éthique des commissaires et dénoncé des pratiques administratives douteuses.
AVEC MOI, le respect des droits parentaux deviendra prioritaire. Le conseils d’établissement pourront exercer leurs pleins pouvoirs. La commission scolaire se limitera à fournir des services.
NOUS AVONS besoin d’une révolution. Optimisons la taxe scolaire. Redonnons priorité à l’éducation, pas à la bureaucratie. LE STATU QUO, n’est plus une option.


Angela Nolet
Phone 514-453-5462 / 514-834-5462
Email – angelanolet@outlook.com
Web  - angelanolet.wix.com/chairman

People are our greatest strength let’s give them the voice of empowerment!
-Committed to serve the LBPSB students, parents, staff with integrity and passion.
-Devoted to building a rapport of confidence and trust that fosters active community involvement for all.

Why do I want to become Chairman?
To strengthen the knowledge base of the English Community and to emphasize a strong ability in the French language allowing our students to compete at all levels for future jobs in Quebec, Canada and globally.
- Create a dynamic system based on transparency and public involvement
- Optimize the use of research and communication skills
- Promote networking to encourage partnerships with private industry to better serve our public schools   and centres
- Redefine the use of our buildings to maintain our community schools
- Attract, retain and e819-11-93ngage eligible students

Who are you voting for as Chairman?
- Devoted Commissioner for 19 years advocating for students and parents
- Biliterate in both Canadian official languages
- Graduate of oyola (UM)Concordia in Communications and Media relations
- Parent of 3 successful Macdonald High Graduates
- Currently active and committed school volunteer for over 25 years
- LBPSB Vice Chairman since 2008

Angela Nolet Qualified/Experienced/Committed to the Joy of Learning for Life!

Suanne Stein Day
Phone - 514-819-1183
Email – jakday@gmail.com
Web – www.suannesteinday.ca

Being Chairman of Lester B. Pearson School Board these past three years has been exhilarating, gratifying, productive and a learning experience. It has been an honor and pleasure for me to share the success of so many students over the years. My commitment to the LBPSB community has been and will be complete. My passion for the excellence that is our classrooms is fierce. For these reasons, I present myself for re-election.  Membre du conseil des commissaires depuis 2007, j’ai créé et présidéé le comité ad-hoc “special needs”, le comité “Digital Citizenship” et le comité “Pupil Place Needs”, au cours de la remaniement majeur des écoles de 2008-2009.

My involvement with this board began as a parent representative on a Governing Board. I was nominated as representative to the Sector Parents’ Committee and subsequently to the Central Parents’ Committee and chaired both these Parent Committees.  Simultaneously, I was elected President of the Pearson Educational Foundation, a position I held until I was elected Chairman of the Board. J'ai été active auprès de la Fédération québécoise des associations foyer-école, Association des commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec, le conseil de Développement économique de l’ouest de l’ile, le comité de la direction de “Born to Read” et “Heart and Stroke Foundation”. Je suis également membre du conseil “The Little Red Playhouse”, une école pre-maternelle pour les enfants autistiques de tout les niveau pour favoriser une éventuelle intégration dans une école maternelle.

As a self-employed consultant, I have been able to organize my schedule to allow myself the pleasure of attending thousands of school events, art shows, plays, celebrations and graduations. I am proud to have spent time in every school affiliated to our school board and to have witnessed first hand the dedication of the staff. This is one of the best parts of the job.

Je suis la fière maman de trois diplômés de la CSLBP et la grand-mère adorant d'un futur étudiant.

Electoral Division 1

Sergio Borja
Phone – 514-649-9365 / 514-366-1611
Email – sborja@bell.net
Web – www.sergioborja.com

I am presenting myself to be re-elected as school commissioner for Ward # 1, LaSalle, Verdun areas. I been school commissioner since 2003, held the following positions: Chair of Intercultural, vice chair of facilities, vice chair of adult and education, vice chair of communications, Chair of Transportation, vice chair of audit and member of the executive committee for 2 years, I represent the LBPSB in the QSBA as member of the finance committee for 3 years.

Since been a commissioner I fought with the parents of Allion elementary school to get the best deal for our school and we did get a new building that will last for a long time.
I been doing a food drive to help the foods banks for the past 20 years and help many families around Verdun and LaSalle.

We approved many projects for the Verdun community and their schools as well, a vote for me is the experience and dedication for our children of both LaSalle and Verdun.

  Jim Bytheway
Phone – 514-766-2706
Email – jimbytheway@gmail.com

Please Vote on November 2nd 2014

Living in Verdun since 1968 Jim Bytheway proudly joined Riverview Governing Board when his daughter started school.  6 yrs GB. 3 yrs as Chair.   Jim also enjoyed 2 yrs on S.N.A.C and sector committees.

With the transition to High School, Jim continued to serve on Governing Boards, and to share the position as Regional Rep.

Jim Bytheway wishes to serve our community with the goal of maintaining and developing an environment fostering an inclusive and successful education for our children, the future of our community.

  Mary Ann Davis
Phone – 514-979-0410
Email – davis4schoolcommissioner@gmail.com
Web – www.facebook.com/davisforschoolcommissioner

I have called Verdun my home for twenty-five years.  In 2013, I ran for Mayor in Verdun and finished a close second. I worked as a special care counsellor/community organizer for 12 years in Women’s Centres and mental health resources working on rehabilitation/re-education programs.  In 1997, I returned to school at Pearson School of Culinary Arts, and commenced a career as a Chef.  For thirty years I have defended different causes: feminist, anti-poverty, human rights, labour and LGBTQ rights.

I presently sit on the Board of the Comité d’action des Citoyen(ne)s de Verdun.  For 15 years I have worked with the St. Lawrence Optimist Club and Manna Verdun food bank.

When not volunteering, you can find me earning a living at the McGill University Healthcare Centre as Secretary General of the executive committee of my local CSN-FSSS union.

  Bob Dubois
Phone – 514-766-4785
Email – bobdubois2000@hotmail.com

To dear electors of Verdun-LaSalle South, this is the most important School Board election in Quebec. It’s been 7 years since the last elections and for the most part, many members of the Council of Commissioners have been in office since both 2003 and 1998.

There have been many changes since then, the much talked about drop in enrolment, and increased incidents of bullying. The recent ethics inquiry of the Board Chair has brought into question Board leadership. There’s been a perceived drop in accountability of Board administration towards the Commissioners, the elected representatives.

Now it is time for new visions and leadership, both at the Board and at the local level. My many years in various bodies e.g. Governing Boards and covering the school scene with the Verdun/LaSalle Messenger are conducive to new visions and ideas……IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE…OUR TIME IS NOW.

 Electoral Division 2
   Frank Di Bello

I am seeking re-election for a fourth term as School Commissioner in Ward 2 of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.  As an active member of the Council of Commissioners, I have been relentless in my commitment to keeping the lines of communication open and honest between all partners in education.

I have a proven track record for attendance at Governing Board meetings and have taken an active role in several Borough/School Board initiatives. I remain student-focused and have worked tirelessly to enrich the learning environment for all of our students.

Over the years, I have represented the Board on numerous committees, including the Quebec English School Boards Association (Q.E.S.B.A.) and have worked on numerous School Board sub-committees, including twelve years as the Board's liaison to the Central Students’ Committee.  I am committed to making decisions that positively impact the safety of our students and the quality of their education.

  Ruben Fazio
Phone – 514-365-1638 / 514-512-1638
Email – rfazio1@hotmail.com

Commissaire pour 2 mandats. Commissaire-parent pour 2 mandats. Commissaire pour "La Commission Scolaire Sault Saint-Louis" pour 2 mandats. Nommé au Conseil provisoire de la Commission scolaire Lester B. Pearson. Membre du «Comité central de parents, comité sectoriel et conseils d'école. Président du Comité des installations et de la sécurité. Membre de, Le comité exécutif et du Comité d'évaluation directeur général. Membre du Comité de l'éducation, Comité d'audit.

Commissioner representing ward 3 for 2 terms, Parent Commissioner for 2 terms.   Commissioner for “La Commission Scolaire Sault St. Louis” for 2 terms.  Appointed to the Provisional Council of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.  Member of Central Parents’ Committee, Sector Committee and school Governing Boards.  Chairperson of the Facilities and Security Committee. Member of Executive committee ,  DG Evaluation Committee. Member of Education Committee, Pupil Place Needs Committee and Audit Committee

 Electoral Division 3
  Joshua Arless
Phone – 438-968-1851
Email – josh@josharless.ca
Web – www.josharless.ca

As a proud and active member of the Lester B. Pearson School Board community for over 15 years, Joshua has been at the forefront of student engagement and organization. His passion for the success of students is exemplified by his 5 years as Executive-Producer of TOPS: Performance Education, a non-profit initiative by our School Board that continues arts education outside the typical classroom environment.

He will advocate for a fair and balanced approach towards finding sustainable methods of financing for the school board so that it can continue to serve as a pillar for the English-speaking community.

The Lester B. Pearson School Board has been a leader and innovator in modernizing through the implementation of technology for students; Joshua is an active supporter of more initiatives that integrate students and teachers with different mediums of technology. Ensuring the success of each student is a priority for Joshua; we succeed when each student has an opportunity to succeed.

  Patrick Whitham
Phone – 514-800-9240
Email – patrickwhitham@videotron.ca

I’m a father of two graduated sons of the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB). Presently, Commissioner of LBPSB, serving Ward 5 for the past 11 years, with the desire to represent Ward 3 in the upcoming election.

As Commissioner, I chaired the Adult/Ed. committee and participated in a number of school board and parents meetings. I’m committed to the following; Representing the best Interest of students, Listening/Hearing concerns of parents/ teachers and doing something to resolve them, Quality education for all, Control bullying, Violence, Taxing/teenage gambling, Defending  the rights of parents/students, Board transparency, Strong  fiscal management, Keeping our schools open, where possible.
I’m a former member of Bishop Whelan and Lakeside Academy Governing Boards since 1998, Chaired Region 1 and Sector 4 Parents’ Committees.

I’m a retiree from IBM Canada. I’m counting on your support, by doing so; I’ll ensure our students get the best education LBPSB has to offer.

 Electoral Division 4
  Craig Buchanan
Phone – 514-697-4057 / 514-886-8746
Email – craig.buchanan@concordia.ca

I have been actively involved as a parent of my children as they attended Lindsay Place High School from 1995 to 2013.  I served on School Committee, Governing Board and for many years on parents’ committee representing Lindsay Place. For 9 years I was a member of the Central Parents’ Committee. For the 2008-2009 school year I was parent commissioner for secondary schools. For three years I served on the Advisory Board on English Education, which is an advisory board to the Minister of Education on issues that effect English education in Quebec.

My 34 year professional career has also been in the education sector working for Concordia University supporting the use of computers and other technologies in teaching.

My many years of volunteer involvement in parent committees is clear evidence of my long term commitment to working for the highest quality education possible for the children of the LBPSB and if elected I will continue to push for the best education for our children.

  Noel Burke
Phone – 514-895-5404 / 514-697-5198
Email – noelburke@videotron.ca

Our family has lived in Pointe Claire for thirty years. I have volunteered in our schools, chaired a Governing Board and served on LBPSB committees. I understand the needs of our school community. I was the Assistant Deputy Minister for English Education and founded the Community Learning Centres Network and LEARN. I have just retired as Dean of the School of Extended Learning at Concordia and am currently teaching school administrators in the Educational Leadership Certificate at McGill.

My experience at all levels of Québec education provides a deep understanding of how the system works, how resources can be maximized, and how your needs can best be served by our school board. I am committed to: PROMOTING STUDENT BILINGUALISM–EFFICIENT SPECIAL NEEDS SERVICES–ACCESSIBLE CONTINUING EDUCATION–BROADER PARENTAL CONSULTATIONS–COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS and FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY.

I have the experience and ability to help move us forward through the challenges that face our school community.

 Electoral Division 5
  Nan Beaton
Phone – 514-683-0491 / 514-713-3892
Email – beatonnan@videotron.ca

My family and I have been residents of Pierrefonds East for 25 years. Our three daughters attended Charles A. Kirkland Elementary, Sunshine Academy and Riverdale High School. After 18 years of parent involvement and supporting their studies, it is now time for me to give back to the public education system and the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

During my time, I have held many parent positions on Governing Boards and both Regional and Central Parents Committee. In 2011 I became a Parent Commissioner and, in November of this year, an appointed Commissioner representing Dollard East. If re-elected, I will continue to work with professionalism, honesty and integrity on behalf of my constituents to help keep our schools full, our services in place and our graduation rate high.

The future of this province lies in the success of our youth.  On November 2nd, make your voice heard and help secure the continuation of English school boards. A vote for education today is a vote for the future.

  Martha Bond
Phone – 514-421-7910
Email – mbondca@videotron.ca

Schools should focus education on nurturing the intellect and natural curiosity of children.  My reasons for running as a candidate for commissioner of the Lester B. Pearson School Board include promoting such learning and assuring that voters have a choice of candidates.  If elected I intend to represent students, parents and taxpayers and to work for their best interests.

From 2008 until 2010, I was a member of the parent’s committee of PCHS in order to learn about school programs, offer suggestions and volunteer.  PCHS and other English public schools faced a declining enrolment and the need to improve French competency.  Declining enrolment is still a major issue as well as budget cuts, which require sharing resources and reducing unnecessary spending.

My experience monitoring municipal government as a resident of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro gives me a strong insight into budgeting, priority setting and helping citizens have input to the governance process.

  David-James Smith
Phone – 438-935-8326
Fax – 438-935-8326
Email – smitty811@live.com

Hi David-James here. My family has resided here in Pierrefonds for the last 50 years. I graduated from Riverdale and studied social sciences at John Abbott College.  I am a proud father to an 8 year old daughter. My professional experience is in partnership development and management.  I have been President of the Pierrefonds lawn bowling Club for the last two years, as well as President of the Quebec lawn bowling federation.

I am active in fundraising for local charities and non-profit organizations. I ran last year for borough councilor in the Bois-de-Liesse District at the municipal level. I firmly believe that with the ever growing challenges our school boards face, our community needs to be represented by not only a parent but by progressive thinking with management experience to provide the greatest return for our students. I am that candidate and it will be a pleasure meeting with you, discussing issues that matter or simply sharing a handshake and a smile.

 Electoral Division 6

Craig Berger
Phone – 514-421-6570 / 514-830-4970
Fax – 514-333-8639
Email – cberger.ward6@gmail.com

I believe in the public education system. My daughters are successful graduates of Westpark and Lindsay Place. I have been involved in the public education system for twenty years, as a parent volunteer at Westpark School, a member of the School Committee, Chair of the Governing Board for 5 years, representing Westpark at the Sector 2 Parents’ Committee, Elementary Parent Commissioner (03-07) and a Commissioner since 2007.

Born and educated in Montreal, I graduated from the Université de Montreal, Faculty of Law, in 1980. I have my own law office, practicing in the fields of civil, commercial, corporate and family law.

The public education system must make equal opportunities for a quality education available to all of our students. A strong academic, cultural and extracurricular environment are needed to prepare our students for becoming full members of society. Strong school boards and prudent management of the public funds entrusted to them are needed for our community.

  Ruth Dangoor-Gdalevitch
Phone – 514-906-7320 / 514-688-7320
Email – dangoor.ruth@gmail.com

Committed to public education, I would be honored to continue my role as a LBPSB commissioner. In the past 4 years I have been working hard to improve the educational experience of our students.  Children have “special gifts” not “special needs”. Through new technologies, we can bring significant changes to enable personalized learning, to encourage creativity and celebrate differences. As a commissioner, I am motivated by a deep commitment to improve the opportunities of every child.

My educational experience ranges from an elementary school teacher to a university professor. I have a McGill law degree and am currently a president of an aerospace consulting firm.
I was always very active in my children’s education and in my community.

My combined experiences and the belief that   “it takes a village to raise a child” have inspired me to continue to contribute to my community. LBPSB educational values reflect my belief in public education perfectly. Take care of tomorrow…today!

Electoral Division 7
Laura Derry
Phone – 514-696-6836 / 514-692-6836
Email - laura.derry@sympatico.ca

As a parent, dedicated to quality education for our children, and active volunteer within the LBPSB and Pierrefonds community, I am seeking your support for the position of Commissioner.

I provide a wealth of experience from being a member of Governing Board at St. Anthony and PCHS, elected Parent Representative at both these schools, chaired the Central Parents Committee and most recently elected as Parent Commissioner.
If elected, I will make every effort to improve communications between the board and its constituents, promote programs to bring out the best in all students, ensure help for special needs children continues and public funds are spent efficiently. 

On Nov. 2, vote for Laura Derry for results and integrity, I will deliver.

  Linton Garner
Phone – 514-604-3224 / 514-696-7892
Email – linton.garner@gmail.com

Since 2011, I have proudly served as a Commissioner for LBPSB. I am currently the Community Development Director at CCS Community Services. I have worked at Jewish Family Services in Youth Protection and the YMCA Diversion Project, Project Genesis on housing & welfare rights and recently the Community Learning Centres.

I’m co-founder of WIBCA and have been on the executive of many ethno cultural groups in Montreal on anti-poverty, crime prevention, social justice and linguistic minority issues.

I was Regional Coordinator for Access to English Services, the Intercultural and Interracial Relations Advisor at the MUC and Attaché Politique to Pierre Reid, Min. of Education. I was also appointed by Claude Ryan to the Corbo Commission investigating racism in the Police Service in 1992.

I have been married for 29 years and am the father of two boys. Our family has been active in the Valleycrest Pool, Pfds Minor Hockey, Lakers, WIOBL & John Abbott Basketball.

Electoral Divison 8
  Don Rae

As of October 15th Mr. Don Rae has officially withdrawn his Candidacy for Commissioner in Electoral DIvision 8.

  Martin Sherman (Acclaimed)
Phone – 514-684-2742 / 514-927-1944
Email : martinsherman43@gmail.com

As a business man and Chair of the Executive Committee and Vice Chair of the Audit Committee for the past 11 years, I have served our school community for over 30 years.

During these difficult times of budget cuts and decreasing enrollment we must work together to insure that our funding is well spent so that we can continue to offer the finest education possible to all our children. The Lester B. Pearson School Board has been known for its innovation and vision when it comes to education and this must be maintained.
As a former Chairman of the Facilities and Security Committee I am equally aware of the importance of maintaining our buildings in order to provide a safe teaching and learning environment.

My job as a Commissioner is to represent you and to insure that your tax dollars are spent responsibly while providing a top quality education for all our children.

Electoral Division 9

Eric Bender
Phone - 514-695-3202 / 514-952-7225
Email - ebender@sympatico.ca

THE CHALLENGES:  Maintain an excellent English public education system despite declining enrolment & imposed financial constraints. Fight to retain governance of our schools by the local community, not Quebec. Our teachers, support staff, professionals, administrators & parent volunteers are second to none in their dedication to the success of our students. The role of the Council of Commissioners is to do whatever it takes to nurture this academic excellence.

MY EXPERIENCE:  A career in education, the last 20 years before retirement in admin. at John Abbott College. Taught at Concordia University for over a decade. Commissioner on the LSB & LBPSB Councils for 20 years.  West Island resident for 50 years with two grown children, graduates of BHS who have gone on to successful careers in Quebec. Extremely proud of our 7 grandchildren, 2 now at LBPSB schools. I offer integrity, experience & vision. Please vote for me on Nov. 2 to support the struggle to maintain quality public schooling.

   Marc Lucke

As a Pointe-Claire resident with three young children, I am deeply invested in the success of this school board and I would be grateful for an opportunity to contribute to its future accomplishments.

I have spent two years on the Clearpoint Elementary Governing Board, the Regional Parents' Committee, the Central Parents Committee and the Board's Intercultural Advisory Committee. I also sit on the Advisory Board to the Pointe-Claire Libraries and the Governing Board of La Maison du Panda (the coordinating office for Pierrefonds daycares).

It is more important than ever to elect energetic and effective Commissioners. If I am elected, I will work diligently to represent your interests and values. For example, I will strive to increase enrollment at our board by addressing the concerns of English parents who choose to send their children to French schools, and I will work to develop creative ways to maintain essential services in the face of drastic budget cuts. See you on November 2nd!
Electoral Division 10
  Domenic Pavone
Phone – 514-613-2684
Email - domenic.pavone@videotron.ca

As a very involved parent and volunteer, I have spent the last six years with LBPSB representing Governing Board, Central Parent and Parent Commissioner. I have spent the last year as a full-fledged Commissioner (appointed due to resignation of a commissioner). I have defended the interests of parents and the English speaking community by presenting parent views to the hearings into Bill 104 and most recently, Bill 14 in Quebec City.

Parents, Community Members, Voters; my experiences in my current career shows how great a region, country, can become when the emphasis and resources are put into educating the minds our children. It is the best investment we can make as a society, for they will become our future leaders, doctors, engineers…
Father of children in the system, I am looking forward to working with dedication and integrity for all stakeholders to ensure educational needs and services to our students are being met. On November 2nd, vote for Domenic Pavone.

  Margot Place
Phone – 514-695-6492 / 514-833-6492
Email - margotsplace@sympatico.ca

Growing up as the daughter of Judge Lindsay Place, one learns that serving your community is a privilege, my father long served as Chairman of the Lakeshore School Board.

I have raised two children both of whom attended English schools providing me with firsthand experience regarding the fine quality of education they received. Both of them have gone on to successful careers.  I served on school committees while they were growing up and am now on the LPHS Alumni committee. My personal background consists of a career in nursing at the Royal Victoria and Lakeshore hospitals something which I will always hold dear.

I believe that elementary school is the root of our children’s journey; “the stronger the root, the stronger the tree”. I would like to represent you and your children in the ongoing challenge of improving and preserving our wonderful English school system as the Commissioner, Ward 10.

Electoral Division 11
   Daniel Olivenstein (Acclaimed)

My name is Danny Olivenstein and I have been the commissioner for Ward 21, now known as Ward 11, for the last seven years. I have been proud to serve the off-island community as vice-chair of the Education Committee, the representative to the Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC), and as a commissioner on the Transportation, Facilities, and Human Resources Committees.

J’étais membre  de 2 sub-comités; le premier, le comité vert, a créé les nouveaux règlements environnementaux spécifiques à la commission scolaire. Le deuxième était le comité qui aide des élèves qui ont des difficultés d’apprentissages. Il s’agissait de réécrire les directives pour la commission scolaire.

My greatest pleasure was to help the many parents who called me for assistance and to work closely with the 6 governing boards in my district as well as the Home and School Association at Westwood High. I urge all voters to take this opportunity and go vote. Vos enfants ont besoins de votre soutien. 

Electoral Division 12
   Wayne Clifford (Acclaimed)

My teaching career began in elementary school. I held several administrative postings including Head Teacher at Dorion Gardens prior to my sabbatical year at UCLA where my doctoral studies involved school administration and governance and counselling. I have served as a Teachers’ Association Director at both the provincial and local levels. At the high school level, I was a department head for 3 different departments, and worked as a Guidance specialist in my last 20 years, where I initiated several peer helping programs.

I was Commanding Officer of 690 Air Cadet Squadron. In retirement, I’ve evaluated student teachers for McGill, was elected to CLSC Lac St. Louis board, was President of West Island Community Resource Centre and the Quebec Counselling Association.

I currently volunteer at the YMCA and am on the local advisory board there and at the Pointe Claire Library. I am married 48 years; my 2 children and my granddaughter have attended our local schools.

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